Water Testing

SES is a leader in providing peace of mind that the water you drink is safe and the waste you produce is processed safely. The water your well delivers is a vital necessity. There are thousands of homes and businesses throughout Northern Virginia that rely on groundwater (wells) as their primary or only source of water. Because we use groundwater every day, protection of this precious resource is vital.

Groundwater quality will vary from region to region because of differences in the local geology and other environmental influences. Taste and odors may vary from time to time due to heavy rains or drought especially water from older or shallow wells. With the increase in the use of various chemicals for cleaning, farming, and building and with the release of various pollutants or petroleum products into the environment, there is an increased chance of pollutants entering your water source. It is important that you make certain that these contaminates haven’t entered your water supply and The USEPA recommends you test your water periodically to assure it’s safety especially if your well is located near septic systems, cattle, agricultural operations, golf courses or other commercial / industrial sites.

Regular testing is simple, affordable and should be a part of every well owner’s annual to do list. The SES associates are trained in proper sampling techniques and we use only certified laboratories for analysis.

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Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

The EPA & Health Department Recommend You Have Your Water Tested Annually For…
  • Total Coliform Bacteria
New Well Owners – Test Now and Again in 3 Years For…
  • Total Coliform Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Nitrates/Nitrites
Keep your family safe and healthy by having your home’s water tested today!