What Qualities To Look For In A Manassas VA Septic Tank Cleaner?

When designing and constructing modern homes, drainpipes remain hidden. You use the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen water without as much as a thought. All it takes is for you to push a lever, the wastewater goes away and out of sight. Most homes in the United States, including yours, have a septic tank for waste treatment. You do not see it since it is buried outside.

A septic tank features a simple design where all drainpipes from your home converge and feed a single pipe connected to the tank. As the wastewater comes out of your house, it reaches the septic tank where separation takes place. The sludge rests at the bottom, while the middle layer consists of gray water. At the top, you will find scum which comprises of oils and fats. All these components combined form the septage.

Septic systems discharge only the effluent where soil filters it in a drain field. However, despite the simplicity of septic systems, you still should maintain them. The sludge and scum mentioned earlier accumulate and require pumping out periodically. Unfortunately, you cannot determine waste levels for sludge and scum removal. You need a septic tank cleaning expert, not any, but a reputable one.

Now that you live in Manassas VA, do you know what qualities to look for in a Manassas VA septic tank cleaner? In this article, we are going to help you find the septic cleaning professional that you deserve.

What Qualities To Look For In A Manassas VA Septic Tank Cleaner?

  • Years in business: Before you engage a septic tank cleaning company, carry out a background check. Find out when they commenced operations. Besides, dig further and review the skill set of their employees. By hiring an experienced team, you minimize the risk of mishaps during cleaning.
  • A well-defined service plan: You may not know much about septic cleaning, but there is no harm in asking how the company intends to do it. Ask whether they will remove the liquid and hard components separately or together. Also, find out whether they will rinse your tank afterward.
  • Pricing estimate: Insist on a pricing estimate upfront. It should cover everything involved, including suction fee, dumping costs, and hourly rates. If the company is cagey with this information, move on, and find another service provider. Knowing how much the service will cost, on average, helps you prepare to foot the bill once they finish work.
  • Excellent customer service: Septic tanks require pumping out of septage once every year. Inspections and quality checks also follow a similar frequency. The company you choose must be adept at record-keeping and scheduling for maintenance. They need to remind you, not the other way around. You must find a contractor whose services you can retain for years.

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