What Qualities to Look For In a Gainesville VA Septic Tank Cleaner?

SES Mid-Atlantic has been serving its community for the past 30 years with family, community, and charity being its core values. Being a trusted household name around Gainesville, VA our employees are asked this question quite often about, “What qualities to look for in a Gainesville VA septic tank cleaner?”

Therefore we are going to answer your query in detail so that you can be an informed employer when it comes to getting your septic system cleaned. It is estimated that about 25% of households in the USA don’t use the public sewage treatment and have instead set up a private septic tank system.

Regular maintenance and repair are the most crucial and cost-effective ways to be able to extract the complete benefits of a septic tank system while avoiding any long term damages. As the age-old saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”. Therefore we at SES Mid-Atlantic recommend getting your septic tank inspected once in three years.

What qualities to look for in a Gainesville VA septic tank cleaner?
Cleaning is critically important when we talk about routine maintenance of the septic system. Cleaning and Pumping out are slightly different processes that are at times mistaken as the same.

  • A certified technician starts by locating the septic tank and opens its lid to gauge the level of liquid inside the tank. This gives us an idea of whether there is any leakage of the septic tank or even blockage of outlets. The liquid level above the drainage pipes would indicate a possible clogging of the pipes whereas if the level of liquid is lower than the outlet pipe’s opening it would raise an alarm of leakage.
  • Pumping out is one of the steps in the whole cleaning of the septic tank process. Here the fluids inside the septic tank are removed using a hose attached to a container truck.
  • Once the liquid has been removed the solid waste is left behind. This solid waste is loosened up with the help of water and drained using hose and container trucks. The trained technician will also make sure that there is no backflow from the pipe during this phase.
  • Now that the septic tank has been cleaned to the technician’s satisfaction, it is time for a second more focused inspection. The walls and surfaces of the septic tank are closely observed for any signs of cracking, leakage, or damage in any other form. Any sign of damage is noted and a suitable solution is offered according to the benchmark best practices.
  • In the end the filters being utilized in the septic system are opened up and cleaned or replaced bringing them back to optimum functionality.

Word of Caution

When it comes to the proper functioning and long life of your septic system, SES Mid-Atlantic is here to provide you routine maintenance and repair. But there are also a few precautions, especially with your household products, that you can take at home to help increase your septic tank’s durability.

– Avoid excessive Bleaching and Antibacterials as they can damage your septic system with their ability to kill certain micro-organisms that are beneficial for the septic system.

  Floor Wax and Rug Cleaners are also chemical products that kill micro-organisms thus hampering the functioning of the septic system.

– Another harmful chemical that should be avoided or used with caution is the Pesticides which not only destroy the micro-organisms of the septic system but may also leech out into your groundwater system.

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