What Qualities to Look For In a Fairfax VA Septic Tank Cleaner?

In the United States, about one out of every four households prefers to use a septic system over the conventional public sewage treatment. The success and growth of such private septic systems have also shown their impact on Fairfax Virginia as more and more households endorse this system.

There is a high chance that you have also set up a septic tank cleaner on your property and if that is the case then these questions must have crossed your mind at least once, “What qualities to look for in my Fairfax VA Septic Tank Cleaner?”. You don’t need to worry as this is something every responsible household needs to understand and this is what we the SES Mid Atlantic are here for. Our goal is to keep our community informed about such details so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to it.

Being a proud owner of a household or any other property in Fairfax, Virginia you should make sure that you get the private septic system inspected at least once every three years. This is something we cannot put enough stress upon because a well-maintained system with timely repairs can help you avoid bigger damage that might be too heavy on your budget. With that caution, lets us look at the all-important question and answer it in an easy step by step guide for you.

What qualities to look for in my Fairfax VA Septic Tank Cleaner?
SES Mid Atlantic recommends the following qualities and steps to look for in a septic tank cleaner that you employ;

  • It begins with locating the septic tank and opening the lid. The certified technician will take a note of your septic tank’s liquid level which can be an indicator of either a leak or a blockage of the piping.
  • All the liquid that has accumulated in the tank is pumped out with the help of a hose attached to a purpose-built truck.
  • After this the focus is on the solid wastes left at the bottom which is now going to be removed using water and hose pipe. The technician keeps a close eye on the outlet pipe throughout the process to avoid any backflow.
  • Once the tank has been completely cleaned from liquid and solid wastes the second stage of detailed inspection of the tank is carried out. Special focus is kept on looking for any leakage or damages to the septic tank walls. If the experts detect any problem they carry out timely repairs to permanently fix the problem.
  • The process of cleaning ends with opening the filters of the septic tank and cleaning them properly.

SES Mid Atlantic is Here

We take pride in the fact that over the past 30 years the community associates reliability and trust with the name SES Mid Atlantic. This is made possible by our loyalty to service and a strong team of experts who are technically qualified and skillfully polished. Some of the services that we provide include;

  • Designing, installation, and maintenance of the septic system.
  • Investigations of soil onsite.
  • Cleaning up of any petroleum contamination.
  • Assessment, reporting, and maintenance of stormwater.
  • Monitoring and sampling of Well installation
  • SES is also the Mid-Atlantic distributor of the innovative Enviro-Loo solar toilets.
  • We also provide maintenance service for septic tanks of homeowners that were not installed by SES Mid Atlantic.

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