Septic System Cleaning New Baltimore VA

SES Mid Atlantic has been designing, installing and maintaining traditional and alternative septic systems for thirty years, and they know how important it is to have it cleaned regularly. Deeply rooted in soil and environmental science the team at SES Mid Atlantic understands how important septic system cleaning is to keep New Baltimore, VA properties safe and livable. In order to stress the importance of regular septic system maintenance and to address some of their customers concerns they have put together this list of frequently asked questions.


  1. Why is septic system cleaning important in New Baltimore, VA?

When a septic system is cleaned the tank is emptied and inspected, along with the line, drain and other components. If any leaks or cracks are discovered they can be immediately repaired before they become problems. A septic system cleaning in New Baltimore, VA also helps to ensure that it will pass the state mandated inspection. Failure to do so often results in expensive fines, and the septic system will still need to be repaired.

  1. How often should a septic system be cleaned?

The cleaning schedule for a septic system will vary based on a few factors, but SES Mid Atlantic recommends having maintenance performed at least once every three years. If it is an alternative septic system, it should be cleaned annually. The knowledgeable staff at SES Mid Atlantic will work out a maintenance schedule that meets the needs of the septic system, while also fitting in with the client’s busy life.

  1. What factors determine how often a septic system should be cleaned?

There are a few factors that will determine how often septic system cleaning should be performed on the New Baltimore, VA property. The size of the septic system in relation to the number of people residing in the house, along with its age and type will all play a role in how often a septic system should be cleaned. The professionals at SES Mid Atlantic will take all of this into account when they are creating a maintenance schedule.

  1. Does it really matter who cleans out the septic system?

SES Mid Atlantic points out that while property owners can clean out their own septic systems, it is an extremely dirty job. The right equipment is also needed, and this can easily be more expensive than hiring a professional. At SES Mid Atlantic not only will the licensed and certified technicians thoroughly clean out the septic system, they will also look for any problems. This is something most property owners aren’t trained to do, and missing a potential issue often results in expensive repairs.

Named one of three licensed Responsible Management Entities in the state, SES Mid Atlantic is more than qualified to maintain any septic system.

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