Septic System Cleaning Haymarket VA

One of the most important parts of owning a septic system is maintaining it properly, and this means regular cleaning. SES Mid Atlantic has been designing and installing septic systems for their residential and commercial clients since 1987, and they know how important regular maintenance is if they want to keep it functioning optimally. SES Mid Atlantic wants their customers to understand how important septic system cleaning is for the Haymarket, VA property, which is why they have put together this list of their clients’ frequently asked questions.

1. Why should septic system cleaning be regularly done on Haymarket, VA properties?
When a septic system is not properly maintained clogs, leaks and backflows are common problems. This can leave a property unusable, and in some cases unlivable. Keeping up with the system’s maintenance is the easiest way to prevent many problems that usually result in expensive repairs. Cleaning the septic system can also help to ensure that it passes the state mandated inspection.

2. When should a septic system be cleaned?

Septic system cleaning on Haymarket, VA properties is typically done every three years. For alternative septic systems the professionals at SES Mid Atlantic recommend having it cleaned annually. There are other factors that will determine how often a septic system needs to be cleaned, and the knowledgeable staff at SES Mid Atlantic will take all of this into consideration.

3. What factors determine when septic system cleaning should be done on the Haymarket, VA property?
There are several factors that SES Mid Atlantic takes into consideration when creating a maintenance schedule for a septic system. Its age and type will determine if it needs to be cleaned annually or less frequently. The size of the tank in relation to the number of people in the home will also affect when a septic system should be cleaned, and all of this will be discussed when the maintenance schedule is being created.

4. Are there signs to look for that might indicate a septic system needs to be cleaned?
SES Mid Atlantic recommends giving them a call if the scum on the top ever reaches 6 inches below the outlet. If the layer of sludge is 12 inches away from the outlet, this is another sign that it is time to give SES Mid Atlantic a call to schedule an immediate septic system cleaning. Even if it is ahead of the regular maintenance schedule it is still important to have the tank emptied before it becomes a problem.

With thirty years of experience SES Mid Atlantic is uniquely qualified to maintain any commercial and residential septic system. Their dedication to excellence has also made them one of only three licensed Responsible Management Entities in the state.

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