How Often Do You Need To Empty A Fairfax VA Septic Tank

In the United States, about 25% of the homeowners prefer the usage of a septic tank when compared to municipal sewage treatment. However, only a fraction of people among these knows the importance of septic tank emptying at regular intervals and how proper maintenance helps in the smooth functioning of the septic tank system.

Why is Septic Tank Cleaning Important?
Regular septic tank cleaning is the best and only way to ensure its smooth working. If maintained according to the proper schedule, the experts at SES assure that a septic system will last for decades and provide you a reliable way to process the waste generated at your household. Here is a look at how your septic system works and what proper maintenance, such as scheduled cleaning, can do for it.

How Your Septic System Works?
Your septic system acts as your home’s private sewage treatment plant. It purifies and filters the wastewater that comes out of your toilets and drains and returns this water safely to the ground. This is a passive treatment process in which the wastewater pipes in your home are connected to a septic tank situated on your property. These pipes are used to drain water and other solid wastes into the septic tank. In the septic tank, the waste forms three levels. Oil and grease form a scum at the top, and solid matter called sludge gets deposited at the bottom of the tank. In between these two layers, wastewater will create an effluent level.

Among the three, the water can be emptied into the drain field and can be slowly disbursed through septic tank pipes. However, the scum on top and sludge at the bottom need to be cleaned out by trained professionals.

How Often Do You Need To Empty A Fairfax VA Septic Tank
According to the experts at SES Mid Atlantic, as a thumb rule, you should hire a professional septic tank technician from a reputed company every 3 to 5 years to do a complete emptying of your septic tank. This rule works for most homeowners. However, the frequency of your septic cleaning can also depend on certain other factors like the size of your household and the capacity of your tank.

If you’re not sure whether your septic tank needs to be cleaned, call the experts at SES. To determine this, they will first inspect your septic system. After that, they will let you know what to do, depending on the condition of your tank. They have almost thirty years’ experience in septic tank related services, and therefore they can give you the proper guidance regarding when to empty your septic system.

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