Harmful Septic Tank Cleaning Products

In the United States, approximately 25% of the homes use a septic tank rather than municipal sewage treatment. But, most people don’t know that their actions inside the house can cause problems with the septic tank.

Some of the more harmful items to your septic system are household cleaning products. You should try to limit how much of these chemicals get into your septic system:

Bleach – We are all aware of bleach’s ability to kill micro-organisms. Your septic system relies on micro-organisms to function correctly. Too much bleach and you can damage your septic system.

Anti-Bacterial – Just like bleach, this product’s ability to kill micro-organisms can damage your septic system.

Floor Wax – These waxes and oils will kill the micro-organisms in your septic tank. The wax and oil can also create a surface build up that can resist the bacterial activity.

Rug Cleaners – These strong detergents can harm the microorganisms in your septic system.

Pesticides – These deadly chemicals can kill the micro-organisms in the septic system and in great enough quantities even leech into the ground water system.

Septic systems will need regular pump-outs to operate efficiently. If you are having any septic system issues, or just have a question and want more information, give SES a call. We will be glad to help you.

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