Why Do You Need To Perform Septic System Inspections in Loudoun VA

Loudoun VA Septic System Inspection

If you have come from a urban city prior to moving into a rural Loudone VA home, septic system inspections might seem like an unfair deal. Rather than disregard and forget about your waste, leaving the underground pipes to transport your waste to sewage centers like you do in the city you are in charge of ensuring the septic system is performing up to scratch. There are reasons you need to do inspections however so it is best not to ignore the situation.

General Maintenance

Just like your home, car and workspace a septic system needs general upkeep to ensure it remains in peak working condition. A quick tidy up of the area and a checkup to ensure nothing is too out of place is all you need to do to have a peace of mind.


The plumbing systems in today’s world can deal with most things that we put down the sink or toilet however it does not mean blockages cannot occur. If there is a blockage, the septic system can come to a standstill if no action is taken. The blockage is often easy to deal with but can often go unseen until it is too late unless you make an effort to keep an eye.

Regular Pump Outs

While the bacteria in septic systems are able to breakdown the waste more often than not, every one to three years a general pump out is required when the scum (the bits floating on top) forms a layer thick and ends up near the piping. It isn’t always easy to know when this exactly is visually but you will eventually get a feel for it and you will notice the system is not what it used to be.

Environmental Reasons

Septic systems were designed to get rid of simple liquids and human waste but now they are beginning to see more and more liquids they cannot deal with very well. Petrol is an example of something that should never go down into your system as the bacteria can be killed which prevents your whole system from working and the flow on effects are nasty.

It may seem silly to some to have to perform septic system inspections for your own Loudone VA home, especially for previous dense city dwellers. You cannot always win however and the reasons above are why regular inspections are a good idea.

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