What to Beware of When Inspecting a Prince William VA Septic System

Septic Tank Inspection Services

Waste management systems are essential to every household’s well-being. It is essential that waste gets disposed of in the right manner. This is because waste can carry foul smells, which is unpleasant to our senses, and also carries bacteria and viruses that can cause fatal illnesses. If you have a septic system at home, do consider conducting a septic inspection every year or two. Ideally, you should hire professionals to do this as you will soon see; it can be hazardous to inspect it yourself. There are professional companies that can conduct a septic inspection for you in Prince William County, VA.

If you do wish to inspect your own septic system, you must take certain precautions. This is especially true when going near the septic tank area, as it containing dangerous gases and liquids. For your safety, take note of the following:

  • Be careful not to ignite a fire or sparks when standing close to a septic tank. Lighting and smoking a cigarette near the tank is one example of this. The tank may contain a high amount of methane gas, which can explode when ignited.
  • Do not lean into the tank to examine the interior. You can get overwhelmed by the gases which can cause you to faint or even fall into the tank. If someone falls into the tank, always use a self-contained breathing apparatus before entering the tank to help the person.
  • Keep the area well-ventilated. Methane gas is highly harmful to humans and inhaling too much of the gas for only minutes can cause a quick death.
  • Use a mask when working on the tank. It is best to use a breathing apparatus to shield yourself from the hazardous gases. You can buy these masks at hardware shops in Prince William County, VA,
  • If you are using a device to move the scum or solids in the septic tank around, beware not to push them into the drain field pipes. The drain field was not designed for scum or solids to enter them. This is because these particles can cause clogging in the drain field pipes, which impede the flow of liquids through it. It will be expensive to repair.

The above are point that you need to consider seriously when looking into your tank during a septic inspection. If you stay in Prince William County, VA, it may be better to hire a professional for this dangerous job.

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