Should I Test Our Public Water Supply in Manassas Park VA

Perhaps you’ve noticed that more and more people in your area are conducting water quality tests on their public water supply to ensure it’s safe to drink. In all likelihood, you’ve never considered the possibility that your water supply may be contaminated. Have you? However, activities in your neighborhood regarding the public water supply they receive may cause you to wonder, “Should I Test Our Public Water Supply in Manassas Park, VA?”

Please be advised that drinking contaminated water can cause serious health problems like diarrhea, poisoning, anemia, and even cause damage to your kidneys, liver, and brain. In addition, there is some evidence that drinking contaminated water might increase the risk of cancer. However, you may put your mind at ease by having the water in your house tested by the professionals at the SES Company.

Keep in mind that timely water testing will allow you to solve any problems with the public water supply before they become serious. So, it is crucial to do water testing once a year to ensure that you can always trust the quality of your water supply. In addition, this will help you to spot issues before they escalate into major crises.

Should I Test Our Public Water Supply in Manassas Park, VA?

The answer is yes. It would be best if you had professionals at SES check it out. Never assume that the water you receive at your home is safe to drink without first having its quality tested.

Consider consulting experts in the field of water analysis for the following reasons:

  • Find any water problems that have persisted and gone undiagnosed for some time
  • For the safety of humans and other domesticated animals who may drink or bathe in the water.
  • To monitor the quality of your water supply to see whether it changes over time.
  • To evaluate the efficiency of the local water treatment facility.

Occasionally, and maybe more gradually over time, the quality of the water you get from your public water supply will shift. However, since the water could still smell, taste, and look the same even after these changes, no one will likely notice anything suspicious about your water.

Some of the most important tests we’ll run on the water supply are as follows:

  • Odor
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Sediment

When inspecting water quality, coliform bacteria is our priority. Some chemical components we investigate often include the following:

  • Water hardness
  • Dissolved solids
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Chloride
  • Sulfate
  • Fluoride
  • Nitrates
  • The pH level of the water

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Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

The EPA & Health Department Recommend You Have Your Water Tested Annually For…
  • Total Coliform Bacteria
New Well Owners – Test Now and Again in 3 Years For…
  • Total Coliform Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Nitrates/Nitrites
Keep your family safe and healthy by having your home’s water tested today!