The Pros and Cons of a Northern Virginia Septic Tank System

Septic Tank Installation Services

Septic systems are very common in some areas of Northern Virginia, where a centralized municipal sewer system rarely exists. This leaves each homeowner to be responsible for their waste management system. Not only for themselves, where waste that is not disposed properly may cause disease and illness among household members, but also for neighbors who should not be discomfort from a surrounding home’s poor waste management system. There are numerous choices of waste management systems out there for your Northern Virginia home. They come in different forms and have their own pros and cons. This article explores the pros and cons of septic systems (which require septic tank installation).

Let’s look at a couple Pros of the Septic system:

  1. Low installation costs
    Though it is largely dependent on factors such as the size of the system, type of tank, and terrain; Prices can start from as low as $3,000 for the system – this includes septic tank installation as well. The contracting company matters as well. Contact your local professional in Northern Virginia for an accurate quote on the cost of septic tank installation in your area.
  2. No monthly costs
    Compared to a centralized municipal sewage system, there are no monthly costs. This confines most of the payments for the system to installation and maintenance costs.
  3. Environmentally friendly
    When centralized municipal sewage lines are aged and leaky, when they fail it can affect multiple homeowners. A septic system’s failure is mostly limited to one area, therefore making it less damaging to its surroundings.

On the other hand, septic systems do have a few cons:

  1. It does have maintenance requirements
    Every 5 years maximum, the system will need to be pumped out in order to prevent backflow. This is the situation where the internals of the system are clogged and the waste from the house cannot further flow through the system, causing clogs in sinks and toilets.
  2. Requires a decent amount of available terrain
    The drain field network does require a decent amount of terrain. The drain field is a network of pipes that allow filtered waste liquid to be safely released into soil. This usually consists not of one but multiple pipes.

Call SES Company to help find the right setup for you.

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