The Basics of Septic Tank Cleaning in Fairfax County VA

Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Scum and sludge build up in a septic tank is normal, but needs to be handled in a timely manner. Septic tank cleaning should be done every one to three years to rid the tank of all the buildup. There are situations where septic tank cleaning should be done every year. In homes that have garbage disposals or a large amount of inhabitants, the tank should be cleaned yearly because these factors add tremendous amounts of solids to the system. Failure to clean septic tanks within this timeframe can result in the drainage field lines becoming plugged and this is an expensive problem.

What to Expect During a Routine Septic Tank Cleaning

The best way to ensure the job is being done right is to hire a professional to clean out the septic tank which is accomplished by pumping and flushing from the tank into the pumping truck. The tank should be emptied through the man hole and only the manhole. Any other opening used to empty the septic tank could damage the baffles of the tank and prevent solids from entering the drain field. The baffles should always be inspected during a routine cleaning of a septic tank to ensure that they are working and placed properly.

Things to Know

  • Under no circumstances should a person enter a septic tank. There is limited oxygen and an abundance of harmful and deadly gases as well as disease pathogens.
  • Smoking should not be done near a septic tank opening due to the presence of combustible gases.
  • A strong sewer smell inside the home should be handled by immediately evacuating and calling a professional to inspect the septic tank.

Septic tanks are an important part of a home or building to keep in working order. Stay ahead of the game by regularly cleaning and maintaining your septic tank. Contact the professionals at SES to make an appointment for septic tank cleaning in Fairfax County, VA.

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