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After we use the bathroom, most of us don’t give our septic systems a second thought. But, if you are a the owner of said system, chances are you already know that a regular cleaning will make your life easier and help avoid costly replacements and repairs in the long run. Staying on top of this simple maintenance need will not only keep your property, loved ones, and the environment safe, it will also keep your system clean and operational for an extended period amount of time.

SES Mid-Atlantic has the experienced septic tank cleaning technicians in Fairfax, VA who can help you with all of your drainage needs. We have been serving the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metro area since 1987 and have developed a reputation for excellent workmanship and efficiently and friendly service.

Not only will we perform a thorough septic tank cleanings for the resident of Fairfax, VA, we are also distributors of Clean-up America’s the Enviro-Loo, a non-discharge dry sanitation system that is used as an alternative to the typical offerings. Plus, it can be used anywhere that a composting toilet can be used, but with not as much effort.

Septic Tank Cleanings: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Before we delve deeper into the benefits of a regular septic tank cleaning from the experts in Fairfax VA, it’s important to gain an understanding of how everything works.

The septic tank was created with the capability of holding and processing waste for up to 48 hours. This gives it enough time to separate; the oil and grease float to the top, the liquids gravitate toward the middle and the solids fall to the bottom.

Anaerobic bacteria help to decompose the waste that’s at the bottom while the mildew and everything else is pushed out every time more waste water is introduced to the tank. If your septic tank is in tip top condition, the waste water is washed to the drain field where it will be eliminated without any cause for panic.

Alternatively, when a tank isn’t cleaned thoroughly, the solids will begin to accumulate at the bottom of the tank. As as result, the liquids that are in the middle will have to leave your tank sooner than they should. In other words, they won’t have enough time to go through the requisite separation process where unsanitary byproduct are sent to the drain field. This will severely reduce the efficiency of your tanks and put your home at risk of leaks, overflows, and backups.

The solids that are forced out with the liquids will clog and damage the drain field and it will need to be replaced as well. Thus, to keep things working optimally, it is recommended that you call our team of professional septic tank cleaning experts in Fairfax VA as part of proper maintenance practices.

Signs That Your Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

Septic systems were created to be anaerobic environments, but they may occasionally experience leaks or ruptures and become host to potentially deadly microbial agents and viruses. When septic tanks get blocked up, full, leak, or crack you must empty them (via a septic tank cleaning in Fairfax, VA) or risk having dangerous contaminants enter the environment, putting your health at risk. Plus, to make things worse, local, state, federal laws impose strict penalties and fees on homeowners who let their septic systems get out of control.

To help you avoid all this unpleasantness, there are several signs that indicate that you are in need of a septic tank cleaning by our experts in Fairfax VA. Two of the most common are:

  • Slow running drains and toilets
  • Weird smells around sinks, drains, or toilets

It is also important to note that instead of trying to take care of these issues on your own, it’s safer and more practical to call in a team of experienced professionals, like our knowledgeable septic tank cleaning technicians in Fairfax, VA, who have the equipment and training to handle the job safely and quickly.

All our field technicians are well trained in cleanings, inspections, septic system replacements, and more. So, if you live in Fairfax, VA, you can count on us to get your home’s plumbing system working optimally once again.

The Septic Tank Cleaning Process

Did you know that studies performed by the Environmental Protection Agency have concluded that a septic system that is well taken care of should never be replaced during your lifetime? But, they also emphasize the need for regular maintenance, like pumping and emptying your septic system on a regular basis. All of these activities are essential to complete and should not be neglected. And, for proper maintenance, this type of work should be done by professional who have the understanding and the knowledge to do the job right. Our septic tank cleaning experts in Fairfax, VA are standing by to help you quickly restore your septic system to operational status, saving you thousands of dollars in future repair costs.

It is important for you to learn about the proper way to clean your septic system so that you can ensure that the proper procedures are followed. The steps are as follows:

  • Prior Inspection: Before the actual pumping begins, your septic system must be inspected and measures Pipes, the drain field, and other important mechanisms should be inspected to make sure that the wastewater is leaching properly
  • Vacuum Truck Prep: The truck must be readied by attaching the correct suction line and pipe. Technicians should also ensure that that the pressure is accurate and will be able to remove the waste from the tank. The vacuum line should be laid out to the septic system and should be connected to the equipment.
  • Tank Preparation: The sludge and the scum that have settled on the bottom of the tank must be broken up to ensure proper removal. Once this is completed, the pumping should begin.
  • Final Inspection: Once the material has been completely removed, the empty system must be inspected for leaks, structural damage, etc.

During a routine maintenance session, our experienced team of septic cleaning professionals in Fairfax, VA use advanced protective clothing and safety equipment to ensure that your tank is pumped and drained quickly and efficiently. The technician will remove all the solids that lie at the bottom of the tank in order to make room for fresh waste water to be processed. In this way, the waste water is able to come in, circulate, and separate as required. Usually, in just a few or hours (or even more) our team of professional can have your septic system cleaned, drained, and ready to provide you years of additional service.

Not only will we pump and drain your septic tank thoroughly (and in compliance with all US EPA and local standards) we will also transport your waste to an approved facility where it can be safely and conveniently disposed of. Plus, during the process, the technician will assess the system to root out, and stop, any issues before they turn into serious problems.

The costs associated with this type of maintenance are small but this price is dependent on the size and complexity of your system. It is also recommended that this service should be completed at least once a year. While this may sound like a hassle, it is small compared to the frustration of installation a brand new drain field or even septic system.


After the septic tank cleaning is done, there are several things that you can do to make sure that your tank operates optimally until your next scheduled maintenance. They include:

  • Throw non-biodegradable products in the trash instead of down the toilet
  • Kitchen garbage (including coffee grounds, fat, grease, food waste, etc.) should be disposed of in the trash as well
  • Reduce water usage by repairing leaky toilets and faucets. Also, refrain from running the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.

The Bottom Line

As a homeowner or property owner, septic tanks are one of the best investments you can make. This is because they offer decades of hygienic and reliable service in disposing and treating personal waste Still, even the best septic systems need occasional maintenance. When you call our septic tank cleaning experts in Fairfax VA, you can be sure that we will quickly and safely empty and pump out your septic tanks and dispose of the waste safely in a remote facility.

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