Septic System Inspection Checklist Before Buying A Catlett VA Home

Catlett VA Septic System Inspection

When you are buying a second hand home with a septic system in Catlett VA, an inspection is necessary. A septic system should last beyond your lifetime if regular checkups are made. If you needed to replace or repair the system, the cost could quickly add up well into the thousands which will alter your view on the value of the house. As the system is buried getting a perfect inspection is not possible, but here is a checklist to help put your mind at ease.

Ask The Homeowner About The System

Of course they could lie, but once you start asking where the septic tank is, what’s installed and the history of its servicing and repairs you get an idea. If they can give you great answers, your confidence levels will sky rocket.

Take A Look At The Septic Site

Septic systems require regular pump outs to ensure the efficiency is maintained so if no one knows where the site of the septic system is, you can be sure regular maintenance does not occur. Once at the site, ensure there is no grounds that have given way around the tank for safety reasons and the tank should always have a cover on it. This is a tank you do not want to fall in.

Get A Septic Loading & Dye Test

By now you will have a good idea if the tank is in good condition or not. If you are still undecided, ask a home inspector to take a loading and dye test. This will give instant feedback if the system is working as it should be or not.

Buying your first home is a stressful time with so many things to check off on your potential dream home. Ensuring you complete a full septic system inspection for Catlett VA dream homes could potentially save you from thousands of dollars of unexpected costs.

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