Common Septic System Problems in Lake Ridge, VA

When you reside in Lake Ridge, Virginia, and your home depends on a septic system to treat and dispose of the sewage your household generates, one of the things you want to avoid the most is a septic tank malfunction or overflow. If anything were to go wrong with your septic system, you must know that things can get out of your hand quickly and pose an intolerable situation.

Because of this, working knowledge of the typical difficulties that may occur with a septic system is always a plus point for any homeowner, as it helps them prepare for the worst if the need ever arises. In other words, having this familiarity is always a win. We have included below some of the most common septic system problems in Lake Ridge, VA.

  • Soil Movement

Remember that even a little shift in the soil may create severe issues for your septic system, so keep an eye out for any changes. For example, the walls of your septic tank can fracture or even shatter as a result. If anything like this occurs, a septic tank will fill up more rapidly and must have its contents emptied more regularly. Consequently, keeping to your schedule of emptying the unit may become more challenging and expensive.

  • Presence of Tree Roots In The Area

Because tree and shrub roots may grow through septic tank walls, positioning your septic tank in a location that is too close to neighboring trees and shrubs can be problematic and lead to more frequent repair. They could even be able to damage the lines that connect the septic tank to your house if they want to.

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance

This is one of the most common septic system problems in Lake Ridge, VA, even though it is the easiest to fix. Always ensure to get your septic tank pumped out regularly. Note that depending on the size and the quantity of wastewater it handles; the pumping frequency of a septic tank might vary anywhere from once each year to once every three or four years.

  • Damage Caused by Vehicle Parking.

As the property owner, it is your responsibility to be familiar with the exact position of your septic tank and to take all steps required to ensure that cars are never parked directly on top of it. This is because putting more weight on your septic tank may lead it to become seriously damaged.

Please fill out the contact form on our website to learn more about common septic system problems in Lake Ridge, VA, or how to fix them. Soon after you do that, you may be sure that one of our highly trained specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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