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Buying a home in Fairfax VA? Be sure have a certified septic system inspection done before purchase – not just a home inspection. There is a difference in what a home inspector does and what a certified septic system inspector does. Your septic system is an important part of your new home. Be sure it is functioning correctly before purchase.

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Home Purchase Septic System Nightmare

We purchased our first home in Feb. In April, we noticed that our toilet was having a hard time flushing.A plumber determined the septic tank was full. I called a septic service to have the tanks pumped 4/25 . By July, we had the same issues. We called the plumber who checked the septic tanks. FULL again.I called an excavator who told me to determine the problem,we needed a permit from the township. On 7/25, a plumber & excavator found the septic tanks weren’t connected to anything. No drain field. The tanks were filling so fast because since there was no septic system in place, just tanks, the household waste had no where else to go. It sits in the tank until it was pumped out. A few feet from the tanks, they discovered a pipe that led to a full cesspool that was capped & the pipe to it was crushed. A township supervisor & a septic inspector was present during the dig. A sand mound needs to be put in, a fix that comes with a $20k price tag. I had to pay $450 to have the septic pumped again and $400 to the plumber and excavator to dig. Everyone present remarked how the septic tanks are new, the style hasn’t been out for more than 5-6 years. The inspector also checked & found no permits on file for the property.On the disclosure report the seller put that there were NO past or present known septic problems. This can’t be true because the tanks are new & you just don’t put in new septic tanks without reason. He owned the property for 40 yrs & had to have known they were put in. He also stated that the on lot septic system was a drain field. Again, there was no drain field, never was..We are facing repairs in the area of 20k on a house we paid 100k for.We would have never purchased the home knowing it would need such expensive repairs. We paid for an inspection before purchasing that didn’t catch this..Do we have any recourse?

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Get A Certified Septic Inspection Before Purchase

Protect Yourself – Protect Your Family. Certified Septic System Inspections are needed before a real estate purchase to insure your safety and financial security.

Problems like this are avoidable. Be sure to get a certified septic inspection before your Fairfax VA home purchase. Call 866-249-5630 today to schedule your inspection and be sure your home purchase is exactly what you expect.

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