Nokesville VA Perc Test: Perc Tests and Repair Drain Fields

Perc Test

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent – wastewater from the septic tank – are absorbed by a home’s drain field over the years. That’s amazing when you think about it. That’s why it is so important when determining where to build in Nokesville VA, a perc test must be conducted as first step.

The perc test determines whether the soil can absorb these levels of waste and protect surface and ground waters from contamination. Results must be evaluated and approved by the local health department because health risks to humans and animals are great if septic systems are not operating properly.

If you take good care of your septic system, it can operate indefinitely. If you or the previous owner is not a good steward of the septic system, it may only last 20 years. Any malfunction caused by poor maintenance and protections of the system can lead to sewage back up in the toilets and drains, as well as effluent ponds on the surface of the drain field. Contamination of a home’s well water, nearby rivers, streams and other water sources are real hazards when this type of thing happens and cause harm to others in your hometown of Nokesville VA or even downstream. At times like these, original perc test results are old news. The conditions have changed, expensive repairs are likely and a new drain field may need to be brought online so to speak.

Septic systems installed over the last decade are typically supposed to have a repair area set aside just these scenarios. They happen all too often. Certainly any new septic system should have a plot of land pre-perc-tested and reserved for the potential that the home’s sewage needs to be redirected from the old drain field. Nothing should be done on that plot of land that could alter the soil, that being said Nokesville VA will likely require new perc tests to be conducted before allowing the shift. Things can happen over time to change soil conditions, whether by your actions or not, and the local health department will not want to take more risks.

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