Manassas VA Perc Test: Perc Test Failure

Perc Testing

You’ve had your heart set on a piece of land to build your home. You’re know that you are required to conduct a perc test in Manassas VA. Perc testing may just determine whether you will be able to build on the land you admire so much. What if the perc test fails?

A perc test failure need not cause absolute despair. There are some other options that can be explored to mitigate the issues that caused the failure or you can consult a septic system expert to understand alternative systems that might be suitable for your site and are approved for use in Manassas VA.

If the perc test failure is a result of high water tables or oversaturation of a particular area, one can do some earthwork and lay some trenches and pipes to help draw water away from the drain field area. This is not unlike what one often has to do make sure a home is protected from water. Often the land has to be re-graded to create a safe place for building a foundation. This, of course, is an involved solution that may also require the engagement of an earthwork contractor and a civil engineer.

Other technologies have emerged in recent years that can be explored. Of course these would have to be approved by local health department and meet all of the regulations for use in Manassas VA. Perc testing only assesses the suitability of a septic system with subsurface soil absorption system. This system is of course the most common and most cost efficient. Other systems, however, are available that have additional components and means for treating and disposing of liquid effluent from the septic system. These systems are more costly, and have more functions that require additional monitoring and maintenance, but this may be suitable building on the land you so cherish. As with any solution, make sure you seek expert advice.

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