History Of Septic System Inspections In Gainesville VA And Afar

Gainesville VA Septic System Inspection

A Frenchman John Mouras built the first septic tank in France in 1860 much to the amusement of his neighbors. 10 years later he went and dismantled the tank and everyone was impressed when minimal solid waste remained with just a layer of scum the only traits. By the time 1881 ticked over, John was granted a patent and the first septic tank in the USA occurred two years later in 1883 and eventually people were making septic system inspections in Gainesville VA.

The process of the septic system has not altered dramatically with an improvement in materials being the only real change in the system, as well as larger tanks now available. Previously tanks were 1000 gallons at their largest, now it is not uncommon to see 2000 gallon tanks in larger homes.

The principle of the septic tank system still remains. The solids sit on the bottom of the tank when they get through the pipes where they will eventually be broken down by the bacteria. The top layer is the scum, where they are still solids but are more liquidy and in the middle is the affluent liquid itself which eventually seeps through the next pipe into the septic drain field.

One of the biggest changes to septic tank behavior is the waste materials they have to deal with. They are not particularly great at dealing with bleaches, disinfectants and general cleaning liquids and use should be restricted. In terms of things that should never go down the system, motor oil, garage solvents, lubricants, petrol, paints and thinners are most common goods as they can pollute water and kill the bacteria that is keeping your septic tank flowing.

Fast forward to today, and the principles of the septic systems are the same with approximately 25% of the US population having one. Rural property owners see the septic tank system as a way to prevent their quaint towns not becoming overrun as a septic system inspection in Gainesville VA is not always a pleasant experience.

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