Fauquier County VA Septic System Inspection Process

Certified Septic System Inspection Services

It is important that your septic system is inspected frequently. Since septic systems involve human waste that contains dangerous organisms like bacteria and virus, this job is best left to professionals in your area. If you stay in Fauquier County, VA, you can contact SES to help you conduct a proper septic inspection. The inspection process can reveal whether your system is in good shape. Here are a couple of tell-tale signs that your system is in poor health:

Thickness of scum and sludge

The thickness of the scum and sludge in the septic tank is an important indicator of whether the tank is working well. When waste from the house enters septic tank, it is separated into grease, which becomes scum, and solids, which become sludge. The rest of the liquid is then allowed through into the drain fields so that it can be safely released into soil.

Its thickness is a good indication of whether the septic tank is being pumped often enough. Each septic tank is different and ideally a professional in Fauquier County, VA, should perform a septic inspection and check on the thickness. However, a good gauge is to pump the tank is when the sludge layer exceeds 24 inches in thickness and the scum layer exceeds 12 inches.

Failure to pump the septic tank adequately might result in a failure of the drain field, which is costly to repair. Pumping the septic tank too early incurs additional costs. Therefore, use the gauge stated above to pump the septic tank sufficiently.

Abnormal levels of sewage in the septic tank

The overall level of sewage (not just the thickness of scum) in the tank is also a good indicator of the septic system’s health. Once again, it is best to get a professional to look at the levels in the sewage. A good gauge of when to pump is when the bottom layer of scum is at 6 inches of the outlet pipe and the top layer of sludge is at 12 inches of the outlet pipe.

If you are staying in Fauquier County, VA, it’s better to consult SES Company – a local septic inspection company.

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