Causes of Loudoun County VA Septic System Failure

Loudoun VA Septic System Inspection

Septic systems are vital to the functioning of homes in Loudoun County, VA. They funnel human waste out of our houses and dispose them safety outside our homes. However, they are prone to failure over a long period of time or when there is heavy usage. That is why regular septic inspections are important. If you need help, you can approach SES for septic services. On your own, it is important to understand the failure causes of septic systems so that you can avoid bringing major damage to it.

Connecting water purification and softening systems to your septic system

Since the usage of the purification and softening systems can be quite high on a daily basis, the high flow can cause agitate the solids and bring excess flow to the drain fields. Excess flow to the drain fields can then cause the waste liquid to flow up to the ground surface and it is released into the atmosphere. This endangers all living beings that are close to that surface.

Connecting hot tubs to your septic system

The hot water from baths should not be emptied into the septic system. This is because the hot temperature of the bath water. It can agitate the solids in the septic tank, and press them past the tank and into the drain field. Solids that make it into the drain field can cause some serious clogging in the system. This will result in failures. If this happens, get a septic inspection by a professional in Loudoun County, VA.

A septic system with poor design

The proper design of your septic system is essential for the longevity of the system. Many factors need to be considered when designing and building the system. Factors such as soil composition, a home’s groundwater table, and the level of the drain field are all important considerations even before the system is built. Some terrains are not flat, and some require the drain fields to be placed uphill. Therefore, additional elements may need to be added to ensure a proper functioning system.

The above are the common failure causes of septic systems. To be absolutely sure that your system is properly functioning, have a septic inspection done by SES Comapny in Loudoun County, VA.

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