Bealeton VA Perc Test: Perc Tests May Lead to Alternative Decisions on Sewage Systems

Perc Test

For homes built in more rural areas without a connection to a central sewer system, a subsurface sewage system – conventional septic tank and drain field – is the most common private treatment and disposal system installed. In order to install a subsurface system, the local health department for Bealeton VA requires a perc test to make sure the land is suitable for installing a drain field.

The perc test provides information about how quickly the wastewater from a septic system would dissipate through the soil of the drain field. By digging a series of holes to the depth of the proposed drain field, presoaking the holes overnight, refilling the holes with water and then testing the drop in water levels at regular intervals, we get a rate at which the water dissipates through the soil.

If a perc test does not demonstrate an acceptable rate of absorption – either the rate is to fast or too slow – then the land may not be suitable for a septic tank and drain field system. For areas where the water table is high or bedrock is high some issues may be mitigated my digging up the earth and bringing materials to change the conditions such as gravel or sand. This certainly increases the cost of the septic system installation on your property in Bealeton VA. Perc testing must then be conducted again to make sure that these efforts have created a drain field ready area.

Virginia has changed it standards in recognition of new wastewater treatment technology and in some cases have allowed the alternatives options. Among the options the state allows – if local health department agrees – are elevated sand mounds, drip irrigation, low pressure dosing, spray irrigation and alternative discharging sewage treatment systems. Others are considered on a case-by-case basis. These options are generally a significant increase in cost for those buying land in Bealeton VA. Perc testing will help determine before you buy land for a home what septic system options may work or not.

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