What Are The Advantages Of Having A Septic Tank In Loudoun County Va?

One of the more common questions we get from the many customers we serve is ‘What are the advantages of having a septic tank in Loudoun County VA?’

Most commonly, this question comes from folks who have recently purchased a property with a septic system and are moving from a house that was connected to the city’s sewage system. In this article, we’ll outline why we feel the home septic system is the superior choice!

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Septic Tank In Loudoun County VA?

The first and perhaps biggest advantage to talk about here is cost. If you’ve ever priced a new septic system, you know that they run thousands of dollars depending on your specific needs. You might be wondering then, how that could possibly be cheaper than tying onto a city’s sewage system.

The answer mostly depends on exactly how far you are from town, but the farther away you are, the more the city is going to charge you to tie onto their system. If you do some comparison shopping, you’ll find out that the cost of tying on can rapidly eclipse the price of a brand new septic system, and that’s before you factor in the month to month costs the city will charge you for the pleasure of letting them handle waste management for you.

In most cases though, the home you buy will already have a functioning septic system. It might need a few repairs, but in the vast majority of cases, the cost of that won’t be nearly what it would take to tie into the city’s system.

The second big advantage is that owning a home septic system fosters better homeownership habits. Let’s face it, when you’re tied to the city grid, most people don’t spend much time thinking about what happens to the stuff that gets flushed down their toilets or washed down the kitchen sink. You’ll learn very quickly that being more mindful of those kinds of things helps ensure your system lasts longer and needs fewer repairs.

Third, a greater sense of independence. If you let someone else handle your waste management for you, then one way or the other, you’re beholden to them. They can cut you off. They can raise your rates. If there’s a problem, you’re at their mercy until they get the system fixed.

Sure, owning a home septic system gives you a few more responsibilities, but it also means a greater degree of freedom and most people consider that to be a good trade. Best of all, when you need help with your system, we’ll always be just a phone call away. Call any time you need us.

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