Septic Tanks in Warrenton VA: Consider these Causes of Septic Tank Failures

There are the usual causes of septic tank failures in Warrenton VA – and then there are causes of septic tank failure that you might never have heard of. For instance:

  • Medical conditions: You have probably already heard that no medications should ever be dumped down the toilet, especially if you have a septic tank. However, patients who undergo chemotherapy, home kidney dialysis, or are on long term antibiotics or steroids could also have significant problems with their septic tanks. This is because the medications kill off the good bacteria in septic tanks. Kidney dialysis patients who have home treatment should not dispose of the post dialysis (PD) waste into the septic tank.

  • Bath or body oils: these may make your skin feel smoother, but when they wash down the drain they increase the chances of septic tank failure.
  • Ground Water and Rain Water: sump pumps and other water run off shouldn’t be piped into septic tanks. This extra water could overwhelm septic tanks, and destroy the drain field.

The best way to avoid failures with septic tanks in Warrenton VA is to have a septic tank inspection, so you know what you are dealing with. Please contact the experts at SES Mid Atlantic LLC, and be sure to tell us all of your concerns about your septic tank – especially if you are taking medicines or undergoing medical treatments that could affect your septic tank. We are here to help you.

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