What Are TheSigns That Your Loudoun County, VA, Septic Tank Is Full?

You can keep your entire septic system working reliably by paying attention to the state of your tank. It needs to be pumped regularly to keep it operating properly. SES recommends annually, or every two or three years, depending on how many people use it.

If it’s been awhile since you last had the tank emptied, when do you need to get it pumped? That depends if you see signs that your Loudoun County, VA, septic tank is full. It’s a question we often get asked here at SES. So we’ve created a list of 5 indicators that mean it’s time to schedule a tank clean out.

The first is all too obvious. Are you experiencing a sewer backup? This will start in the basement around a floor drain or in a sink or toilet. Then you’ll see it in the upstairs bathrooms and sinks. A backup is messy, gross, stinky and unsanitary. It makes your home unsafe and unhealthy for you and your family. You need to call SES right away to arrange to have the tank pumped.

The second sign in the house is the frustration of chronic slow-running drains. You buy new products and tools that clean out clogs, but you still have the problem. That’s because the trouble is a tank that is over capacity. Once you get it emptied, your drains and toilets will run efficiently again.

Outside there are 3 signs that your Loudoun County, VA, septic tank is full. The first is an unpleasant odor around the drain field. This is caused when water is pushed out from a tank that is filled with sludge and can’t cope with wastewater. Once you pump the tank, the odor will go away.

Puddles in the drain field, even when you haven’t had rain, is another sign. This is caused when the tank is full, so water is pushed out. Have a technician from SES empty the tank. He will also check for leaks to make sure that isn’t contributing to the trouble.

The last sign is unexpected: grass that is much more lush and fast growing than the rest of your lawn. It means that the tank doesn’t have room for all the wastewater. It gets pushed out into the soil, acting as fertilizer for your lawn. Once you get the tank cleared out, the water can stay in the tank where it belongs.

SES has been helping property owners just like you since 1987. As the local septic system experts, we can handle:

  • Pumping
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Call SES today to find out more about the signs that your Loudoun County, VA, septic tank is full and to arrange for pumping.

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