What Are The Signs That Your Clifton, VA Septic Tank Is Full?

Sewer systems are remarkably trouble-free if you keep them in good shape. But things can go wrong. You might notice problems and wonder what are the signs that your Clifton, VA, septic tank is full.

The team here at SES often gets calls about septic problems. There are 5 clear indicators that you tank needs to be pumped. If your system has developed any of these situations, it’s time to get your tank pumped out.

The most obvious is if you experience a sewer backup. There’s nothing subtle about this. It’s gross, messy and unsafe for humans. Usually you’ll see it in a bathroom drain, toilet or sink. The problem will soon show up in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and upstairs toilets. You can’t wait on this, you need to call in the experienced technicians here at SES right away to get your tank cleaned out.

Another indoor sign of a full tank is a slow-running drain. You might also notice this problem if your toilet is slow to flush. If you deal with the clog and your drain still is slow, it could mean the tank is full. In that case, it doesn’t matter what type of unclogging methods you use, the source of the trouble is your tank, which needs to be pumped.

Outside, does your yard stink, especially in the drain field? This probably means the tank is overfull and leaking into the soil around it. Clean out the tank and you’ll fix the trouble.

Another sign that your Clifton, VA, septic tank is full is mud puddles, even when you don’t have rain. When a tank gets crowded, it can overflow. That’s what is causing those pools of water. Clean out your tank and you’ll get rid of them.

A surprising problem is a lawn over the septic system that looks much more lush and healthy than the rest of your lawn. It could be effluent is leaking out, either because the tank is full or because you have a crack in it. When the SES technician pumps out your tank, he can also check for leaks.

The experts at SES point out that you can avoid most of these problems with scheduled maintenance. That usually means get your tank pumped yearly or every two or three years, depending on how many people are using the system. If you have any questions, the SES staff is here to help.

We are septic tank experts, and have been helping homeowners in the local area since 1987. We handle all aspects of septic systems, including:

  • Pumping
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Call SES today to find out the signs that your Clifton, VA, septic tank is full and to schedule a pumping.

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