What Are The Signs That Your Catlett, VA Septic Tank Is Full?

Septic tanks need to be cleaned out on a consistent basis to work efficiently, prevent clogs and damage to your entire system. But what are the signs that your Catlett, VA, septic tank is full? Here at SES, we often get calls from homeowners who can’t tell if the tank needs to be pumped.

You’ll be happy to know that it’s fairly easy to tell if your tank should be cleaned out. From long experience, our technicians suggest you check for 2 situation in the house and 3 outside.

  • You experience a sewer backup. The most obvious sign of trouble is wastewater backing up into your home. You first notice it in the basement, and it will also show up in toilets and sinks. A backup is not just disgusting, it’s also unhealthy. If this happens, call SES immediately. Your tank needs to be cleaned out pronto. Your plumbing system is at a standstill until this is done.
  • Your drains are slow. Most of the time, a slow drain means you have buildup in the pipes or a clog. But if you fix the clog and your drains still run slow, it’s a good sign that your tank in Catlett, VA, is full. You won’t fix the slow-moving drains until you get the tank pumped.
  • The smell in your yard is awful. Your septic system processes the water from your toilet, often called black water, and also from showers, sinks, clothes washers and dishwashers, called gray water. Both can stink. If your tank is at capacity, your system can’t operate efficiently. The result is awful odors in your yard. Get it cleaned out and your yard will return to the sweet smells of Mother Nature.
  • Water is pooling in your yard. Rain and runoff cause mud puddles in every yard. But do you have puddles around your drain field that show up even when the weather is dry? It is possible that your tank is full and overflowing into the drain field.
  • Your lawn around drain field looks suspiciously green and healthy. If your septic tank is too full, it might be leaking wastewater into your yard. If there’s a noticeable difference between the look of the grass above the septic field compared to the rest of the lawn, your tank could need pumping.

Still not sure? The pros at SES can help you figure out if you need to schedule a pumping. We have been helping people in the local community since 1987. We are septic experts, handling pumping, design, installation, repairs and maintenance. We also do well inspections, work on heating oil tanks, and provide a range of environmental services.

If your Catlett, VA, septic tank is full, call SES today to schedule a pumping.

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