Septic Tank Pump Out Oakton, VA

A septic tank pump out in Oakton, VA, is one of the most important components in an effective septic system maintenance plan. Getting a regular pump out is far cheaper than replacing the tank, digging up the drain field and fixing the pipes into the house.

Homeowners can put the pump out at the bottom of their to do list because it is hard to see the immediate benefits. But all that time, sludge is building up, excess water is entering the tank and the chance for leaking is increasing.

The Benefits of a Pump Out

A septic tank pump out in Oakton, VA, gets rid of the sludge at the bottom of the tank. When wastewater flows into the tank from the house, the heavy material, which is called sludge, falls to the bottom. The grease and oil floats to the top. The water takes up most of the tank, about 90 percent.

When too much water enters the tank, it exceeds its capacity. The sludge is forced out of the tank, through leaks into the drain field and through backups into the pipe system.

Regular pumping gets rid of the sludge before it can leak out. This keeps your tank safe from the danger of cracking. The only way to fix a damaged tank is by replacing it. That means digging it up, possibly redoing the drain field and burying a new tank. All of this takes hours of time by trained technicians. It is expensive and inconvenient.

When the sludge is pumped out routinely, the tank and septic system work the way they are supposed to. Water from the house flows safely and dependably into the tank and harmlessly from there out into the drain field.

When to Schedule a Pump Out

As a rule, it is recommended that homeowners schedule a septic tank pump out in Oakton, VA, every two to three years. This ensures that the tank doesn’t have a chance to get too full, and works for most families of four.

If the house is used just sporadically, like a vacation home or weekend getaway, this schedule could possibly be extended to every three to five years. On the other hand, if more people use the system, it should be pumped annually.

Many homeowners aren’t sure what capacity their tank is, or even where it is. They also don’t know how full it is and if it is ready for a septic tank pump out in Oakton, VA. An easy way to find out is by getting an inspection done by a trained technician. He will check out the entire system and give you an accurate idea of how soon it needs pumping.

Work with Experts

The crew at SES has been helping homeowners in the local community since 1987. They are experts in all aspects of septic tank system. They do inspections and pump outs, design and installation.

SES handles a variety of environmental services, including:

  • Septic tank pump outs
  • Septic tank design and installation
  • Well water sampling and installation
  • Petroleum tank inspection, installation and removal

To schedule a septic tank pump out in Oakton, VA, call the experts at SES today.

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