Septic Tank Pump Out Clifton, VA

A septic tank pump out in Clifton, VA, is definitely not one of the glamorous tasks that homeowners look forward to. But it is one of the most essential. Without a working septic system, the toilet can be flushed, the sinks can’t be used, showers can’t be taken and dishwashers and clothes washers can be operated.

The actual cost for a septic tank pump out in Clifton, VA, is very reasonable. But neglecting this simple chore can result in costly tank replacement and drain field reconstruction. It is far more cost-effective to set up a regularly scheduled pump out.

Why Does the Tank Need to Be Pumped?

A septic tank pump out in Clifton, VA, is critical because it lets the system to function. Wastewater flows from the home through the pipe system to the tank, which is underground. The heavy material, called sludge, in the water drops to the bottom of the tank. The grease and fat floats on top of the water.

The water itself takes up about 90 percent of the capacity of the tank. If too much water flows into the tank, exceeding its capacity, the sludge will leak out of the tank into the drain field. This can cause the tank to crack and need replacement. It contaminates the drain field. Leaking sludge can also back up into the home’s plumbing system, shutting everything down.

Regular pumping prevents all this from happening. It keeps the entire system functioning the way it was designed to do.

Scheduling a Pump Out

The tank should usually be pumped on a two to three-year schedule. This works well for a family of four. If the home is used just on weekends as a getaway, this schedule can sometimes be extended to every three to five years.

But if more people are using the system, it might need a septic tank pump out in Clifton, VA, annually. More people means more water going into the tank. It reaches capacity sooner, and the chances for overfilling are increased. To avoid sludge leaking out, it makes sense to get pumping done often.

Work with Experts

The people at SES have been helping homeowners with their septic systems since 1987. They work on every aspect, from design to installation, from inspections to pump outs. People in the local community trust SES because their technicians know what they are doing and are dependable. The customer service reps at SES are happy to answer questions and make scheduling a septic tank pump out in Clifton, VA, simple and convenient.

SES handles a variety of environmental services, including:

  • Septic tank pump outs
  • Septic design and installation
  • Soil contamination clean up
  • Water well sampling and installation

To schedule a septic tank pump out in Clifton, VA, call the experts at SES today.

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