How Often Should I Get My Clifton Va Septic System Pumped Out?

How often should I get my Clifton VA septic system pumped out? It’s one of the more common questions we get from our many clients in the area. It’s easy to see why the question gets asked. After all, most people don’t tend to think much about their septic systems until or unless it’s a problem.

Then, the first time there’s a strange odor or a pipe that rattles suspiciously, suddenly it dawns on homeowners that they’re not really sure when they had it done last.

That is usually a moment of deep, stark terror. After all, if you’ve ever had trouble with your home’s septic system, you know how awful it can be. If it turns out there’s a serious problem, you could be looking at raw sewage backing up into your home which is a nightmare of epic proportions and not something you ever want to face.

Not only does it stink to high heaven, it’s extremely expensive to clean up and poses a genuine health risk to you and your family.

Our answer to the question, ‘how often should I get my Clifton VA septic system pumped out?’ is every three to five years. We also recommend having your system thoroughly inspected and having incremental repairs made in that same time interval. In practice, most people tend to do both of those at once. After all, while we’re emptying the tank out, it just makes sense to inspect and repair.

That’s not a job that even a committed do it yourselfer can handle on their own though. Not only does it require expensive, specialized equipment, it’s a brutal job and one that almost everyone is happy to outsource.

If you can’t recall the last time you had your tank pumped out, there’s a simple solution. Just give our office a call and schedule an appointment. We’ve been proudly serving the region for years and are the most respected septic service company in the area. At this point, there’s not much our talented crew hasn’t seen, so even if you’re overdue, we’ve got you covered.

Once your tank has been pumped out, we’ll inspect every component of your system, from the tank itself, to the drain field, and everything in between. If we find any problems or potential problems, we’ll let you know what they are and give you a free, no obligation estimate on the repairs before we start any work. Then, assuming you’re comfortable with that estimate, we’ll get it fixed for you so you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Your home’s septic system isn’t something you want to leave to the whims of chance and fate. It’s far too important for that. Call us today and we’ll take care of you.

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