Fairfax Va Septic Tank Installation

There are a number of possible situations where you might consider a Fairfax VA septic tank installation, and in this article, we’ll talk about a few of the more common scenarios where it makes good financial sense to do so.

The Purchase Of An Older Home

There are lots of older homes that exist well outside of town. These are typically charming old farmhouses on acreage that need a bit of TLC to restore them to their former glory. In some cases, that TLC includes replacing a very old septic system that has fallen into disrepair.

Sure, it may be possible to repair the existing system, but in some cases, if the house is especially old, the system might be a simple cistern, which isn’t up to current code. In cases like that, or when the damage to the existing system is extensive, a Fairfax VA septic tank installation on the property just makes more sense. Note too that in this case, it’s work that will have to be completed before you can actually move in, unless you’re paying cash for the house.

The bank isn’t going to lend money on a home without a functioning septic system. If you find yourself in this situation though, there’s usually room to negotiate on the price of the home in question.

You’re Interested In Going Off The Grid

An increasing number of people are embracing the off-grid lifestyle and simply prefer to take charge of and personal responsibility for as much of the critical infrastructure they need to enjoy a modern lifestyle as they can.

In those cases, installing renewable energy systems like wind, solar, and possibly micro-hydro, and installing a septic system to handle waste management makes sense from a lifestyle perspective. Yes, it means that you as a homeowner have greater responsibility but that’s what living life off the grid is all about. Not being beholden to anyone.

You’re Building A New Home Relatively Far From Town

In some cases, homeowners aren’t interested in going off the grid, but they own property a good distance from the nearest town, which means that they’re inconveniently far from the town’s sewage system and tying onto that system would be a daunting expense.

In this case, it’s just cheaper, easier and more convenient to have a Fairfax VA septic tank installation performed. While the initial cost of the system may be a bit more than the cost of tying onto the municipal sewage system, the money you save month to month by not having a sewage bill makes up the difference, and in many cases, it does so in a surprisingly short span of time.

Whatever your reasons for needing a new system installed, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today and we’ll get you taken care of.

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