Warrenton VA Septic Inspection

What to Expect During a Septic Tank Inspection?
A septic tank is designed to handle a lot of things. You wash dishes, flush, do laundry, and all of the waste from those activities goes to it. The truth is that the septic tank handles all that mess for you as long as it is working properly.

However, how can you tell it is working as required when everything is underground? That’s why you need to hire a Warrenton VA Septic Inspection company. You should note that there are two major types of septic tank inspections. They are “point of sale septic inspection” and “routine inspection.”

Routine Septic Inspection
Proper monitoring and maintenance of your septic system are necessary for efficient functioning and long-term use. Therefore, there is a need to set up a schedule for routine septic inspections by a qualified Warrenton VA Septic Inspection provider. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is working as required.

When you sign a contract with a septic inspection company, the routine inspection will involve ensuring the alarm system is working properly, maintenance of aeration unit, ensure switch operations are working properly, and include clearing debris from the aeration unit. Depending on the contract you have with the service provider, there are many other things that can be included, such as disinfection and sludge tests.

Usually, routine septic system inspections take less than one hour to complete. Sometimes during a routine inspection, you’ll find your septic system needs a pumping or cleaning, and you can arrange with the service provider to have them perform one at your convenience.

Point of Sale Septic Inspection
This type of inspection is more thorough as compared to routine septic inspection. During the sale of your house, the local government may require you to provide a point of sale septic inspection report. Since the septic system is an expensive part of a home, it is vital that buyers ensure reputable Warrenton VA Septic Inspection firm conducts the inspection to ensure the condition of the septic tank is satisfactory.

The right septic inspection professional should complete not only the investigation on time but also answer all questions you have and offer tips and advice regarding the septic system. Other than visual inspection, the inspector will determine the flow rate, condition of tanks and risers, and perform a dye test. Usually, the point of sale septic system inspections takes about four hours to complete. Once the investigation is completed, a form is filled and made available to the home seller and buyer.

Septic System Inspections Save Money
It is vital to note that septic systems are quite difficult to replace. Therefore, routine septic inspections offer you the best defense mechanism to lengthen the lifespan of the system and prevent costly repairs. If you are buying a home, then you should ensure a point of sale septic system inspection is done.

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