Septic Tank Inspection in Purcellville VA

Has it been a while since you had a septic tank inspection in Purcellville VA? If it’s been more than five years, then you’re overdue!

Your home’s septic system is one of the most ruggedly built and reliable pieces of equipment on your property, but as with any equipment, it does need regular care and maintenance, which starts with a thorough inspection. If it’s not getting that kind of attention, you’re destined to have problems down the road.

Ideally, you should have a septic tank inspection in Purcellville VA every three to five years. The best approach is to have the inspection done when you have your tank pumped out, which should be happening at the same 3-5 year interval. Since we’ve already got the tank opened up to pump it out, it just makes sense to perform the inspection then and there.

The biggest benefit to you, as a homeowner is simply that by having a trained expert put eyes on your septic system at regular intervals, it allows us to catch problems while they’re still small. Generally speaking, small problems are easy to manage and relatively inexpensive to repair, and that’s the thing about septic troubles. Ignoring them won’t make them get better or go away.

If anything, whatever problem you’re having will only get worse over time. Leave the matter untended for long enough, and you could wind up having to replace your entire system, which is painfully expensive. Not a happy situation.

While the 3-5 year rule is a good general guideline, you should schedule a septic tank inspection in Purcellville VA immediately if you notice any of the following:

  • Foul odors coming from the area in and around your septic tank and drain field
  • Persistent standing water, mud or “squishy” soil in and around your drain field
  • Brightly colored grasses growing over your septic tank and drain field
  • Rattling or moaning pipes, any time you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet
  • Toilets that won’t flush properly, and sinks that drain painfully slowly

By the time you see any of these symptoms, the underlying problem is already quite advanced, so you should call for an inspection immediately so we can get to the root cause and fix it before things get any worse.

Of course, before we do any repair work, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate so you’ll have a good understanding of exactly what it will take to solve the problem once and for all. Assuming you’re comfortable with our estimate, we’ll take care of the problem, whatever it might be.

You’re in good hands with us. We’ve been in the business since 1992, and at this point, there’s nothing our skilled technicians can’t handle. Give us a call today.

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