Septic Tank Inspection in Loudoun County VA

Your home’s septic tank isn’t generally something you spend a lot of time thinking about until and unless there’s a problem. You just want and expect it to work. As long as it does, it’s out of sight, out of mind, at least for most people.

Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster, which is why regular septic tank inspection in Loudoun County VA is so important. It’s the first, necessary step to keeping your tank in good working order because it allows us to put expert eyes on both your tank and your drain field at regular intervals.

Doing that allows us to catch problems while they’re still small, and all things being equal, small problems are easier and cheaper to fix than big ones are.

So how often should you take advantage of our septic tank inspection service in Loudoun County VA? It’s a fair question. The truth is that your home’s septic system is one of the most rugged, durable pieces of equipment on your property, so you won’t need it inspected every time you turn around.

Like any piece of equipment though, sooner or later, it’s going to need attention. Our recommendation then, is to take advantage of our septic tank inspection service in Loudoun County VA every time you have your tank pumped out, or about every three to five years, with an important caveat.

The “every three to five years” thing is a good rule of thumb, but there are times when you’ll want to break that rule. Specifically, if you start noticing any of the following:

  • Strange, unpleasant odors in the vicinity of your septic tank
  • Toilets that struggle to flush, and/or sinks that drain slowly
  • Brightly or differently colored grass over your septic tank
  • Persistent moisture in the area of your drain field that makes the soil “squishy”

All of these things point to problems with your system, and by taking advantage of our septic tank inspection service in Loudoun County VA, we can identify and fix it.

Understand that by the time there are visible signs like these, it means that the problem has become fairly serious, so you’ll want to call us right away, because these issues are only going to worsen over time. Failing to take action could result in a problem that becomes so serious you’re better off to just replace your entire system, which, as you might expect, is a hefty expense.

Don’t let things get to that point! Regular inspections at predictable intervals, paired with an inspection immediately after noticing any of the symptoms mentioned above will ensure that your home’s septic system provides you with years of reliable service. Give us a call and make an appointment today.

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