Prince William County VA Septic Inspection

When considering a septic inspection, it is vital to know what is involved in the inspection and why it is required for anyone who depends on a septic tank system. Prince William County VA septic inspection basically certifies that the septic tank meets all of the government standards and is in acceptable working condition. If the inspection shows that the septic system is sound, a certification will be issued. An inspection is also helpful for those who want to know the size, location, and configuration of their septic system.

It is critical and financially smart to have Prince William County VA septic inspection done for both current homeowners and those who are thinking about purchasing a home that employs this kind of sewage system. The inspection will illustrate what parts of the system require maintenance work, and the inspector can offer an idea of the costs of any repairs that are needed.

What will the septic tank inspector check?

The exact process and septic inspection cost are based on the type of septic system installed, as well as how much of a comprehensive inspection it is. One more consideration that can impact the cost of the septic inspection is the age of the system; older systems that have not been inspected recently frequently demand more detailed work done on them.

In a necessary inspection, the inspector will examine the following components: the septic tank itself, the pump (if there is one), and the drainage field or leach bed. The inspector will check for two things. First, that effluent can correctly flow through the system and does not have any issues like blockages or flooding, and second that the system is operating sufficiently well to continue working correctly shortly.

One of the essential parts of a septic tank inspection is what is known as the dye test. The process for this involves putting a bright or fluorescent dye into the waste water inside the septic tank. Effluent will then be drained through the system to make sure that everything is flowing correctly. If the fluorescent dye shows up anywhere on the ground surface, then that is an indication that something is in disrepair inside the system, and more inspections will be required to determine where the problem is, adding to the cost of the Prince William County VA septic inspection.

For systems that have not been inspected in quite a while, or for those who are purchasing an older home, it is smart to have an “open pit inspection” done too. This test nearly doubles the cost of the septic inspection, but it is quite valuable.

The open-pit inspection includes having the septic tank completely pumped out before opening the tank. The inspector then puts a special video camera down into the tank so that it may be carefully inspected. Cameras may also be sent into the pipes that go into the drainage field to check them for damage.

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