New Home Septic Inspection in Fairfax VA

Are you questioning whether a new home septic inspection is necessary in your Fairfax VA property? Please note that preventive septic system inspections are very fundamental for any property owner with such an investment. Remember that having a picture of your septic system condition may help detect any defect that may go unnoticed for an extended period, possibly leading to ultimate catastrophes that may cost you wholesomely.

Besides, the inspection may help keep off costly emergencies and serve as a critical marker for any underground water source contamination. Therefore, a certified inspection is essential for safeguarding groundwater supply. This certification also plays a significant role in building permits and real estate transactions.

What Does Professional Septic System Inspection Entail?

When you call in the SES septic system experts for your new home septic inspection in Fairfax, VA, you should expect some of the following procedures:

  • The location of the septic tank and the drainfield should be distant from that of wells and streams.
  • The establishing of the exact date professionals last did the pumping of the tank. Eventually, the sludge level will help ascertain if the tank needs to be pumped. Hence, every property owner should keep a good record of every preceding pumping date for accurate referencing.
  • Verification of the sludge level using a professional device. As mentioned earlier, sludge usually accumulates beneath the tank. However, it needs not take up more than a third of the septic tank’s whole volume. This means that the sludge level shouldn’t go up to the baffle’s level.
  • Confirmation of the liquid waste that often penetrates the ground surface- You will realize that the situation can be unhealthy since it points out a system overload. The tank should be watertight so that wastewater cannot pollute the groundwater. Keep in mind that the groundwater should not flow into the tank and cause overfilling.
  • If we notice the riser lids, we will inspect further for cracks and ensure safety.
  • We check to make sure the baffles are steadfastly attached to the system’s inlet and outlet pipes. 
  • We will confirm to ascertain that drain lines are obtaining equal quantities of wastewater. We examine this by checking the distribution box, which, if it is clogged, you will often notice an uneven run-over. The result may be possible flood segments of the drainfield.

Contact the SES Professionals for Your New Home Septic Inspection in Fairfax, VA; you’ll Be Happy with the Outcome.

If you just acquired a new home in Fairfax, VA, or are in the process of doing so, contact SES for a professional septic system inspection. This measure is crucial in adding value to your critical home component by prolonging its lifespan. It’s also essential in enhancing your wastewater system’s functioning.

SES is also pleased to be among the list of three companies accredited as responsible management units.

Since 1987, we have been in operation, serving communities dedicatedly. Hence, rest assured that we have the relevant skills needed to perform septic tank inspections and other related services to your utmost satisfaction.

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