Manassas VA Failed Septic Inspection

Sooner or later, no matter how good you are to your home’s septic system, it’s going to happen.  You’re going to find yourself holding a Manassas VA failed septic inspection report.

Inspection is the cornerstone of a good maintenance program, and if you don’t recall the last time you had your system inspected, then it’s probably time to schedule one.  If you’ve contracted with us to do it, we’ll provide you full details and if repairs are needed, we’ll also give you a free, no-obligation estimate so there won’t be any surprises when you get the final repair bill.

Of course, having your own home’s septic system inspected isn’t the only time you may see a Manassas VA failed septic inspection report.  If you’re shopping for a new home, it’s always a possibility.

There are a number of inspections that are either required by law, or strongly recommended by real estate agents when you’re interested in buying a house, and you shouldn’t skimp here.  Knowledge is power, and since you’re probably signing up for a fifteen- or thirty-year mortgage, it pays to know exactly what you’re’ getting yourself into.

If you wind up holding a Manassas VA failed septic inspection report on a house you’re interested in purchasing, what happens next is ultimately up to you and the seller of the house, but you should know upfront that no bank is going to lend money on a home with a non-functional septic system, so one way or the other, whatever’s wrong with it is going to have to be fixed.

That can happen a couple of different ways.  The two most common solutions are as follows:

  1. The seller bites the bullet and makes the repairs. He’s inclined to do this because he knows you’re interested in the property and doing so clears a roadblock to finalizing the deal.  He also knows that there are plenty of other homes on the market you can choose from, and there’s not much incentive to pay top dollar to buy his problem.
  2. The seller reduces the asking price of the home by an amount equal to the cost of the repairs and asks the buyer to handle it on the front end.

Either approach can work, and in either case, if you’re looking for a trusted service company to handle the repairs in a timely professional manner, we’re the company to call.

We’re locally owned and operated and have been proudly serving the region for years.  In that time, we’ve grown to become one of the most respected companies in the business and we’ve got the most skilled technicians you’ll find anywhere.  Whatever the problem, just give our office a call.

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