Loudoun County VA Failed Septic Inspection

There are a couple of different scenarios where you might see a Loudoun County VA failed septic inspection report.  We’ll take a look at both in this article and offer some advice on how to deal with them when you inevitably see them, and sooner or later you will.

The first and most likely situation where you’re likely to see a Loudoun County VA failed septic inspection report is when you’ve hired a trusted service company to perform routine inspections, maintenance and repairs on your home’s septic system.

Septic systems are rugged, robust and built to last, but at some point, it’s bound to start experiencing problems and your system won’t pass inspection.  When that happens, the solution is clear; you’ll need to affect repairs as quickly as possible because the idea of living in a home without working plumbing is frankly, awful and not something that anyone wants to do, even if it means pinching your budget temporarily.

The second scenario in which you may see a Loudoun County VA failed septic inspection report is if you’re in the market for a new home.  When you find one you’re interested in, there are a number of inspections that are either required by law or highly recommended, and a septic inspection is one of those.

In this case, if the system fails inspection, the next logical question is, what happens next?

Well, first and foremost, no bank is going to approve a loan on the property unless provisions have been made to repair the septic system as a condition of the final agreement.  It’s just not going to happen, so someone is going to have to pay for the repair.

Exactly who winds up on the hook for the repair is a matter between you as the potential buyer, and whomever is selling the home, however, in situations like these, it’s the buyer who is in the stronger position.  The reason is that once the problems with the septic system are known to the seller, they’re required to disclose them to any future prospective buyer.

You’re right there in front of them and interested in the property.  If they pay the money to fix the system, or drop the price by an amount equal to what it would cost you to have it fixed, they get to sell the house.  If they don’t, you walk away and they’re in the same position with the next prospective buyer.  It’s just in everyone’s interest for the seller to fix the issue.  After all, few people are going to be interested in paying top dollar to buy someone else’s problem.

In either case, ultimately, the next logical step is to fix whatever’s wrong before the problem gets even worse, and we can help with that.  We not only do inspections, but if and where problems are found, we’ve got the skills and expertise to fix whatever problem you’re having.  Call us today.

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