Loudoun County Septic Inspections

Importance of Septic System Inspections
Have you ever wondered why your home’s septic tank needs to be inspected regularly, even though it seems to be working perfectly fine? There is a simple reason for this. A septic system that is working fine now does not guarantee that it will continue to work without any problems in the future too.
As a homeowner, you are very vulnerable to septic tank problems such as clogged drains and sewage surfacing. Such a situation can occur at any time without prior notice if regular Loudoun County VA Septic Inspection is not done for your septic system. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the current performance of a sewage system and ensure trouble-free future performance.
Typically, a septic system inspection should be carried out by a professional at least once every one to three years. Besides, it should also be pumped at least once every three to five years or as recommended by the inspector at the time of the septic inspection.
Another reason for having your septic systems inspected is that these can pose health hazards and environmental risks if they do not work correctly. This is because they contain household wastewater, which has a large volume of pollutants in it. Therefore, a Loudoun County VA Septic Inspection can also prevent the spreading of diseases and infections in your home. This happens when pumping out of the septic waste is not done as per the schedule. In such cases, when the absorption capacity of the system gets to the maximum level possible, sewage can enter into the soil surface above or to the basement below.
Recent studies show that waste from septic systems can also present a significant threat to the drinking water we use at our household leading to several infectious diseases ranging from ear and eye infections, gastrointestinal discomfort, and even hepatitis.
Yet another reason for doing timely inspection and maintenance for your home’s sewage system is that once a sewage system fails, it is very costly to replace or repair it. Besides, a property with a failing septic system will drastically lower your property value and can even land you in fighting a lawsuit for making environmental problems. The best method for avoiding such complications is to do the septic inspection as per the schedule.
We are based in Warrenton, Virginia, and have been inspecting, maintaining, servicing, and repairing commercial and residential septic systems for the last 35 years. Our vast experience in the field makes us the best septic inspection service providers in Loudoun County, VA who can offer our services at affordable rates. So, if your septic tank inspection is due and you are looking for a Loudoun County VA Septic Inspection professional, call us today and schedule an appointment with us.

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