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How Often Do You Have To Pump Out Your Fairfax County VA Septic Tank
If you live in an area that does not have municipal sewer lines, you will need to install a septic system of your own. It is an investment that requires time and money. You must, therefore, ensure that you take good care of it. It is not uncommon for people to ask how often you have to pump out your Fairfax County VA Septic Tank. We will look at this question in more detail below.

When Should You Ideally Pump Out Your Septic Tank?
The rule of thumb with regards to pumping out a septic tank is once every three to five years. It, however, varies from property to property, depending on several factors. The more people you have living within your household, the more water you will use. You may, therefore, need to schedule a pump-out more frequently.

A pump-out is essential for ensuring that your septic system continues to serve you reliably over a long period. It can be very frustrating and challenging to experience a septic system failure. You have to contend with bad smells within the home, backups in your toilet, lack of drainage in the sinks, standing pools of water, among other inconveniences. You must also be careful about the sewage seeping into the soil or water well because it can have deadly health implications.

If you do not carry out proper maintenance of your septic system, you will also have to deal with repairs, or parts replacement, which can be very costly. The experts recommend that you have an inspection at least once every three years to determine whether everything is running as it should. You will get an inspection report which you must keep for purposes of reference.

What Can You Expect?
When you call in the experts, they will inspect your septic tank. This is an essential step because they will be able to measure the sludge level. When the levels are too high, there will be leakage from the septic tank. In other cases, critical components may clog up, which could lead to water flowing into the surrounding soil. The process of emptying your septic tank is one you should leave to the experts. They have the right training and will be able to dispose of the waste in a hygienic, safe manner.

We Can Help You Out
Advantage Fairfax County VA Septic Tank services can give you the help you need to restore your septic system to how it should be. Let our experts give you the peace of mind and the comfort of knowing that your septic system is in good hands. We have the relevant tools and level of expertise to handle such tasks for you efficiently. Call us today for an appointment and let us carry out an inspection and drainage for you.

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