Do You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Sudley Springs, VA?

As a property owner, you may wonder: ‘do I need an SAP inspection to build a new home in Sudley Springs, VA? Yes, SAP inspections target property owners planning to build a new home or upgrade an existing human residence. These types of building enhancements may include: Replacing a mobile home, constructing an extension to an existing dwelling, or replacing a damaged home. 

To continue building your new Sudley Springs, VA home or improve it, you must first acquire a building permit from the local building official. The official will then engage the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to establish whether your system is SAP (safe, adequate, and proper).  

Why You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Sudley Springs, VA 

It’s crucial for anyone planning to build a new home, or buy a home, to have their real estate septic inspection conducted by professionals like those at SES. It should be done by such a knowledgeable team that can quickly detect any issues and repair them appropriately.

You need to note that the VDH often takes in a lot of requests for onsite sewer inspections. However, many are usually not within the SAP policy’s scope. Furthermore, the SAP policy doesn’t include evaluating a sewage system that is being reviewed for a subdivision plan. 

Concerning improvements on structures like garages, pool decks, sidewalk installations, pole barns, and other buildings not intended for human residence, the building official can make a request. However, the request doesn’t need to be fulfilled. The VDH can only complete the request out of polite consideration.

What Does the Application for a Safe, Adequate, and Proper Inspection Involve?

As a property owner, it is advised that you work with individual local building departments. This is to make sure you attain excellent customer service and appropriate execution of this policy. Once the local health department (LHD) receives your request for evaluation from the local building official, together with an application, you should expect to have it processed within 15 business days. 

If the request is single-handed without an application, the LHD is expected to contact the property owner. They do this to attain the owner’s authorization for their staff to execute the necessary evaluation. If the request is lacking, the staff should reject the application by alerting the owner in writing to explain the reason for rejection. The staff should also offer the owner an opportunity for appeal. 

Furthermore, the Local Health Department will also request the onsite sewage system’s pumping records if available.

Contact Professionals for an Onsite Inspection

SES is a professional septic service company founded in1987. Over the years, we have set an excellent record for offering outstanding services. We are committed to continuing with such remarkable services for both residential and commercial clients.

So, when you want an onsite inspection for a property you intend to buy or build a new home, SES professionals are here to offer timely septic system inspections as recommended by the Virginia Department of Health.

Get in touch with us via our website for the help you need!

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