Do You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Manassas Park, VA?

Are you employed to work on a new home building in Manassas Park, VA, and the project is set to kick start soon? Perhaps you’re asking yourself this question concerning the property owner: ‘Do they need an SAP inspection to build a new home in Manassas Park, VA? 

At SES Company, we can guide property owners through approval processes necessitated by the health department. In fact, this immense experience has given us the trust and esteem from clients and regulatory agencies.

What Happens When You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Manassas Park, VA?

The local building officials need to confirm that the sewage system was installed in agreement with the regulation in effect during its installation. This is when they shall approve the request as “safe, adequate and proper” (SAF). This means that the property complies with the current regulations for new building requests associated with human occupation. It may also be that the submissions abide by the rules for building requests not related to human occupancy.

In cases where there’s no adequate information to conclude that the sewage system agrees with the current regulations, the situation will involve features such as:

  • Unknown depth to limiting features
  • Unknown depth of system installation

The staff can also determine that the sewage system does not conform to the current regulations. So, in scenarios where there’s no adequate information to conclude that the sewage system is in line with the current rules or does not conform to the current regulations, the staff should approve the new building request as ‘nonconforming.’

Approval will only be documented if:

  • The sewage system is not failing
  • The system was installed according to the regulation effected at the time of its installation
  • There’s no rise in effluent flow or strength
  • The sewage system can be projected to function correctly. 

Approval will also be documented based on whether the requests are associated with human habitation or not associated with human habitation. 

Concerning horizontal separation distances to structures that are already installed during the site visit, the staff must note whether there’s a probability for those structures to hurt the appropriate function (ability to perform operation and maintenance). Such structures may include: gazebo, sidewalk, playground set, shed or other landscaping feature over the dispersal field’s footprint.

Nonetheless, these features would not usually result in the rejection of the application. Instead, the staff could approve the sewage system as ‘nonconforming’ to the existing regulations.

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With over thirty years of experience in the Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. areas, SES has the deep knowledge and proficiency to ensure that your property’s inspection is done right.

We do our work based on environment and soil science practice. Please visit our website and get in touch with us now!

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