Do You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Gainesville, VA?

Do you intend to build a new home in your Gainesville VA property? Please note that you need an SAP inspection to construct a new home in Gainesville, VA?

First, you need to get a building permit from your local building authority. Once you go for the permit, the local building official will inquire from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) whether your residence’s sewage system is up to the recommended standard. This standard is referred to as “safe, adequate, and proper” (SAP). 

Some homeowners may decide to evade the additional costs and continue using their old sewage systems without upgrading. However, the inspection is necessary if your request for the new building permit must be granted.

There are also instances when several sewage systems could be located closely together. This is primarily the case in mobile home parks. Most of these homes usually have accounts of failing sewage systems. In such scenarios, the building officials may first request that the historical sewage system failures be addressed on a community basis. 

What to Note When You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Gainesville, VA

As much as you need the SAP inspection before building a new home, you should note that:

The policy does not involve evaluation procedures for sewage systems that are sold via a real estate transfer. Furthermore, the policy does not handle sewage systems evaluated as a component of revised subdivision plans. 

For structures not designed for human habitation like garages, pools, sidewalk installations, decks, and pole barns, the local building official may request VDH to establish if the projected construction might obstruct the functioning of the existing sewage system. For such situations, VDH does not have the right to decide whether the sewage system is safe, adequate, and proper (SAP) as intended by the Code.

Talk to the Experts for Professional Onsite Inspection

At SES company, we continue to provide our customers with complete septic services. We offer top-notch services right from septic system design, installation and maintenance to the recommended inspections. 

You can always count on us for regular and emergency septic tank pumping. All these services are necessary for your system to function appropriately. 

When you also want to sell or buy a property, we offer timely septic system inspections as recommended by the Virginia Department of Health.

We are a professional septic service company founded in1987. SES is proud of its excellent record for offering outstanding services. We are committed to continuing with such remarkable services for both residential and commercial clients.

For over three decades, we’ve assisted thousands of clients with professional onsite inspections. We can also guide you through any approval process recommended by the health department.

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