Do You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Broad Run, VA?

Are you planning to build a new home in your Broad Run, VA property, and you’re unsure whether there are some official requirements? Please note that you need an SAP inspection to build a new home in Broad Run, VA. 

Usually, a property owner who may intend to have a new building in place needs to get a building permit from the local building authority. Once you go for the permit, the local building official will inquire from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) whether your residence’s sewage system is up to the recommended standard. This standard is now referred to as “safe, adequate, and proper” (SAP). 

What Should I Know If I Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Broad Run, VA?

You need to know that if your application is incomplete, you will receive a rejection letter of notification. The denial letter will explain why your application is termed half-finished. You’ll also be given a chance to appeal. Hence, as a homeowner, you can re-submit a new application. 

The staff is also recommended to request records for the septic tank pumping, if available. This is the same as the operation and maintenance (O&M) record. Suppose your application is complete and does not have supporting work from a certified private sector professional. In that case, the staff must plan a site visit at the property owner’s preferable date and time. 

It is considered best practice for the office support staff to schedule the site visit once the property owner hands in the completed application to the local health department. If the application is whole and certified, VDH may conduct a field inspection of the work done by the private sector before they issue an approval.

At SES Company, you can always rely on us for both regular and emergency septic tank pumping. All these services are necessary for your system to function appropriately. 

Furthermore, we also offer professional septic system inspections as is recommended by the Virginia Department of Health.

You Need Professionals for the Recommended Inspections

SES is a professional septic service company founded in1987. Since then, we continue to provide our customers with complete septic services. We offer top-notch services right from septic system design, installation and maintenance to the recommended inspections. 

The company offers professional services like:

  • Environmental investigations
  • Stormwater management services
  • Soil interpretations, together with designing and installing various septic systems for both residential and commercial properties. 

We do our work based on environment and soil science practice. SES can also guide you through other approval processes necessitated by the health department. In fact, this immense experience has given us the trust and esteem from clients and regulatory agencies.

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