Do I Need a Septic Inspection to Buy a New Home in Gainesville, VA

There is no question that you have to consider several factors when purchasing a new house. It takes the buyers and sellers weeks of planning and paperwork. Often, buyers should consider so many factors throughout the purchase process that sometimes they may be tempted to forgo certain inspections. For example, you may be thinking, “Do I need a Septic Inspection to Buy a New Home in Gainesville, VA?”. This is a common question asked by most of our clients. In the next section, we will provide the most reasonable answer to this question.

Do I need a Septic Inspection to Buy a New Home in Gainesville, VA?

No matter how stressful purchasing a new house may be, you should not overlook the septic system of the property you purchase. You must get a septic tank tested if you buy a house with one. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not have their sewage systems professionally tested before selling a house, even though it is generally necessary. This is why it’s crucial to get your septic system inspected by a firm like SES Mid Atlantic before you purchase it.

Before selling their house or providing information about a defective septic tank to prospective purchasers, several jurisdictions require sellers to have their septic tanks examined and fixed. In other cases, the buyer is responsible. It entirely depends on state and municipal legislation.

What Happens During the Inspection Process?

The inspection procedure consists of three major steps: consultations, inspection, and drain field testing. We look through the home’s septic tank history during the consultation, which should be easily accessible from the previous owner. We’ll also have to understand any other problems with the septic tank so that we can better picture the possible difficulties you could face if you buy it.

The visual inspection is the next step. We’ll inspect the tank and infiltration structures and conduct testing such as flushing toilets and operating sinks. The drain field test is the last phase. Because it is responsible for eliminating impurities from septic tank fluid, the drain field is an essential component of your septic system. These components must operate correctly since they might generate a slew of issues that impact your family in various ways.

We can conduct the required repairs, examinations, and installation of any components you may need to keep your septic tank working properly since we specialize in everything septic tank and sewer related.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a house that needs septic tank inspection or repair, keep in mind that SES Mid Atlantic has decades of expertise in this field. You may reach out to us by filling out our official website’s contact page. This will guarantee that one of our specialists will call you at the earliest and provide you with the necessary assistance.

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