Do I Need a Septic Inspection to Buy a New Home in Fauquier, VA

A typical septic system has a 25-year average lifetime. By getting an annual inspection and fixing things as needed, it is possible to prolong the life of your septic system by 10 years or more.  As a reputed septic service company in your region, we’d want to set your mind at rest by answering the frequent question that pops up to your mind while buying a home with a septic system, that is, “Do I need a Septic Inspection to Buy a New Home in Fauquier, VA?”  We’ll try our best to answer this question clearly in the next section.

Do I need a Septic Inspection to Buy a New Home in Fauquier, VA?

Yes. It is critical to have a septic system inspection performed before acquiring a new home with an embedded septic system.

This septic inspection should ideally take place at the same time as your overall property inspection. This is because any plumbing concerns discovered by a septic system inspector during an inspection may be brought to the notice of a home inspector and noted in a report.

The genuine septic system assessment always begins with data collection. We call it a pre-inspection. You’ll be collecting documentation and having your questions answered ahead of the actual inspection, some of which are listed below.

  • Has the septic system been pumped before? When it comes to the buyer, it’s critical to know if the septic system under examination has ever been pumped. This is due to the fact that it is the only item for which the seller is directly liable.
  • Where is the septic system located? If the seller has no idea where the septic system is, it’s unlikely that they’ve kept it in good working order.
  • Septic system location map – The original home builder should provide a map of your home’s septic system to the agency in charge of septic system maintenance in your area. This paper is mainly used in the septic inspection. The location of the leach field should also be marked on the map.
  • Where did the coverings go? To keep water out of the tank, manhole covers should be installed on the chambers. The technician will have to remove this cover to enter the septic tank for inspecting and/or maintenance reasons.
  • Maintenance history of the system – For example, how often has the system been pumped, who was the contract worker, and if there have been any difficulties with the system and, if so, how were they resolved?
  • It would also be beneficial if you have the septic system maintenance documents on hand for future reference. There are two main reasons for this: You’ll be able to provide an indication of how effectively the system was kept by the previous owner, and you’ll also be able to tell the professional inspecting the system what to look for.

Please use the contact form on our webpage to get in touch with us if you’re planning to buy a new house with a septic tank and need a septic tank inspection. One of our experts will contact you at the earliest and provide you more information.

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