Common Septic Tank Problems in Haymarket VA?

A healthy septic system requires that you’re keen on maintaining it well. One of the most critical tips you will get from SES professionals is the importance of regular septic tank inspection and cleaning. This is the best way you can avoid the common septic tank problems in Haymarket, VA.

Some of these problems include:

  • Damaged dip pipe- it allows the correct waste type to flow into the soakaway system effortlessly. When the dip pipe fails to work appropriately, the result will be a clogged up system. When your system is clogged, it can lead to filthy odors that will distract the comfort in your home.
  • Damage from trees and plant roots- If your septic tank is positioned too close to trees and shrubs, it can cause problems. This is because the roots can extend to grow through the septic tank walls. The plant roots may even get through the pipes that move from the tank to your house. This will cause problems by preventing the septic tank from working as designed.
  • Very old tank- If your tank is old, you may find that it still does its job as much as it can. However, you cannot compare its level of efficiency to that of a newer model. Due to its oldness, it may be highly susceptible to breakages, clogs, and other forms of damage.

Let’s look at some critical things you need to do to have a healthy septic system. 

How to Avoid the Common Septic Tank Problems in Haymarket VA

You must take good care of your septic system by ensuring you use it well. What matters most is that you reduce the amount of waste that goes into the system. Some things you can do include: – 

  • Close the tap completely so that it does not drip continuously
  • Take advantage of technology by installing more efficient showers and toilets that use less water
  • Recycle some of the water you use. Wastewater from a washing machine, for example, can go into cleaning the driveway or washing your car
  • Take care of any issues such as dripping taps or leaking pipes immediately they occur 

Let Professionals Take Care of Your Septic Tank

It pays to stay keen on the common septic tank problems in Haymarket, VA. This is when you can know whether your system is failing or working correctly.

It can be best if you ultimately let professionals do the maintenance work for you. If you need any help with your septic tank, contact SES now through the website. Our team will come in and carry out an inspection, after which they’ll give you proper recommendations. 

The professionals also have the right tools for handling any job that your septic system may require. They also have proper tools to dispose of any wastes that could have health implications if you don’t handle them well. 

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