Manassas Park VA Septic System Alarm

A Manassas Park VA septic system alarm alerts owners to emergency and routine warnings. Most of these are high-level alerts which indicate it is time to service their storage tank and remove waste. Less often, a severe storm or heavy rain works its way into the tank, raising the level of water. The alarm also goes off if there is a more common source like a nearby leaking pipe that begins to seep into the tank.


At SES Mid-Atlantic, we know each Manassas Park VA septic system alarm activation can be one of these warnings, or it can indicate that some repair to the tank or piping is needed. That is why we carefully explain potential problems and threats to a septic tank when we install a new system, respond to a waste removal request, or perform routine maintenance.


That is also why we keep a design team on staff. It allows us to create and build a system specific to the needs of each customer. Over our 20 years in business, we have created individual tanks for new homes, and septic networks for entire subdivisions and industrial parks. We have also designed and installed septic systems and warning alarms for medical facilities.


An alarm is comprised of two components: A float control switch and a sewage ejector pump. Working together, they provide a high-level warning to indicate a waste removal service is needed and release partially treated sewage, or wastewater in a controlled manner.


If the tank continues to fill quickly before the removal truck arrives, the float rises higher still and sounds the alarm again. This indicates an overfill situation, and the float engages the ejector pump to release the top level of the sewage, also called effluent. When enough of this wastewater is removed, the float returns to a safe level which stops the ejector pump and turns off the alarm.


The same alarm procedure engages when water is misguidedly added. There is a misconception that water should be added to counter evaporation of other false reasons. More water does not break down solid matter or increase bacterial growth. It only raises the float switch quicker, triggering the alarm and forcing the owner to make an unscheduled service request.


What a Manassas Park VA septic system alarm does not warn against is odors. Even when standing directly over the service hatch, there should be no odor. Even after a waste removal visit, lingering odors should dissipate after a few hours. Unless the hatch was not locked down correctly, the reason for an odor is that usually that there is a problem with the intake or outlet pipes. Cracks or in either one bypass the tank and the alarm; sending wastewater directly into the soil.


If you need more control over your facility septic system, contact us here at SES Mid-Atlantic at 866-249-5630. We can work with you and begin the design process immediately.

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