Leesburg VA Septic System

If you are in Leesburg and wondering how a septic system works, the short answer is that the bathroom waste from a home or business flows into a holding tank. It breaks down naturally from bacteria created by the waste. The long answer is more complicated of course, and it starts with the soil surrounding a home or business.


A septic system is needed where a sewer system is not an option due to the surrounding area. Regular sewer pipes do not function properly where the soil is too shallow to bury them far enough underground. A septic tank is preferred where the soil is too rocky or has too much sand or clay. The same is true for places with high groundwater or steep slopes.


With three decades of installing and servicing septic tanks in Virginia, SES Mid Atlantic starts each job with a soil analysis. It helps us determine the type of tank needed, where to install it, and how far to bury the tank and septic lines underground. Doing this prevents damage from temperature and weather.


How does a Leesburg VA septic system work for businesses? Developers prefer them for businesses and facilities where there are a large number of customers or occupants stressing their plumbing system multiple times throughout the day. Examples of this include restaurants and schools. A septic tank does not rely on outside pipes or sewer lines to relieve pressure on the waste system when there is a maximum number of customers or students using the facilities. Everything flows into the tank where the waste begins to break down immediately.


If you are designing a new housing development, you need to ask how does a Leesburg VA septic system work for me. The answers are wastewater management and protecting the local groundwater and other environmental issues. Septic systems do not require the massive construction of sewer tunnels, lines, and access points. That means they do not break or fail after a hard freeze or record amount of snow overwhelms the area. Maintenance of a septic system is cheaper than a more complex sewer system that services the same number of homes and businesses.


With no lines to have to deal with, a wastewater treatment plant can be located farther away from a community where tanker trucks deliver the waste product completely out of sight of homeowners and residents. The remote location frees up more property in a community for residential and commercial development. Utilizing a septic system for an entire community or even a single housing development still requires a soil inspection, but it is rare to find an area that does not support a septic tank as an alternative.


If you want more information on how does a Leesburg VA septic system work for your home, business, or future building project, call SES Mid Atlantic today at 866-249-5630.

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